Sabbatical 50

Round bilge aluminum


The following list of materials is approximate and intended only for calculation of approximate costs. It is not intended to be used for the ordering of materials for construction.

Lengths and areas are based on the actual amounts to be used in the vessel without any allowance for building stocks, temporary framing, bracing etc nor for wastage in cutting to size and shape as required. Wastage on flat bars, tubes etc will be minimal whereas that on plate will be dependent on the skill of the builder and will be in the range of 5% to 20%.

Note that angles and tees may have to be fabricated from two flat sections welded together

4.5mm (3/16") Plate - 124sq.m (1329sq.ft) [hull sides, deck, tanks]
6mm (1/4") Plate - 57sq.m (613sq.ft) [bottom skin, frames, transom, tanks, chain locker]
8mm (5/16") Plate - 18sq.m (194sq.ft) [bottom skin on centreline]
9.5mm (3/8") Plate - 15sq.m (161sq.ft) [keel, skeg, rudder]
12mm (1/2") Plate - 17sq.m (179sq.ft) [frames, backbone, engine bearers, mast step]
20mm (3/4") Plate - 1sq.m (11sq.ft) [keelsole]
10x50mm (3/8x2") Flat bar - 15m (50' ) [tank flanges]
12x32mm (1/2x1 1/4") Flat bar - 120m (393' ) [deck stringers, frame stiffeners]
12x50mm (1/2x2") Flat bar - 245m (804' ) [hull stringers]
12x75mm (1/2x3") Flat bar - 50m (162' ) [frame and backbone flanges]
32x32x6mm (1 1/4x1 1/4x1/4") Angle - 4m (14' ) [beam gussets]
50x50x6mm (2x2x1/4") Angle - 1.5m (5' ) [post]
65x65x10mm (2 1/2x2 1/2x3/8") Angle - 36m (119' ) [deck beams]
38x19x3mm (1 1/2x3/4x1/8") Channel - 12m (37' ) [stern door and locker frames]
16mm OD x 3mm wall (5/8x1/8") tube - 30m (99' ) [sheer tube]
50mm OD x 6mm wall (2x1/4") tube - 3m (10' ) [keel and skeg]
75mm OD x 6mm wall (3x1/4") tube - 1.5m (5' ) [stern tube]
83mm (3 1/4") round bar - 2.5m (8' ) [rudder shaft]
108mm OD x 6.36mm wall (4 1/4x1/4") tube - 0.3m (1' ) [rudder port]

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