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We do not collect email addresses or any other information on this website nor on our other websites or blogs. Google may place a tracking cookie on your computer and the same applies to many other websites that might be linked either to or from our websites or blogs. We have no way of controlling who places cookies on your computer, this is something that you must control yourself through the privacy settings of your web browser, internet security or other computer software. You can learn more about cookies and opt out of cookie placement by Google and others by visiting

If you order one of our products online, your order and payment information is stored on a secure server. We collect it by secure connection then process the payment manually through a secure connection via our bookkeeping software. Your order is deleted from the secure server and your credit card information is deleted from our bookkeeping software.

We maintain a database of all customers who buy construction plan sets, including name, location, contact information and design purchased. This information is for our own use and is not sold to nor shared with others.

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