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SHAPED BY WIND & WAVE - Musings of a Boat Designer

I have authored articles that have been published in magazines worldwide. Most are of a technical nature but are written in laymans' terms. Some will be of use when making decisions about what boat to build and others may help during a construction project. I have consolidated the articles into a book, expanded and updated and with more illustrations.

The full set of updated articles is included in this book as a paperback, or an eBook. If you order the eBook, it is not supplied by automoatic download, we will send to you by email in our business hours. If you don't have an e-Reader then you can read it on your computer using an e-reader program like Adobe Digital Editions, which can be downloaded free from the Internet.

I have added a chapter with advice for sailing safely around the Cape of Good Hope. This is the sensible alternative to taking on the Somali pirates by sailing the Red Sea route to the Mediterranean Sea. The route around the Southern tip of Africa is dreaded by circumnavigators due to heavy weather conditions. However, local sailors race and cruise those waters in good and bad weather. This chapter gives advice on where and what the dangers are and how to safely traverse those dangers.

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