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Backup Policy

Most builders never need to ask questions because our designs are well detailed. Some builders need reassurance throughout the project. Here are guidelines to our backup service.

1. No charge, it is included in the price of the plans.

2. Backup is for our own designs only, not those bought from other designers.

3. Learn through reading. Professional builders use reference books and so should amateur builders.

4. Study your plans package well. The info that you want is probably in the drawings or booklets. Know the material then you will know where to find info.

5.Instructions vary with size. Small boats can have step-by-step instructions but bigger boats have building guides to help you. These must be seen as complementary to reference books.

6. Consult on-line resources on our main website . These include links to FAQ and project sections as well as outside links to other building projects with photos to help you.

7. Ask us, not the guy next to you at the bar or a dubious on-line contact.

8. Give us a break. We try to answer within 24 hours but this is not always possible. Ours is a small 2-person office and we also have to vacation sometimes.

9. Don't make us the easy way out. It takes you a few minutes to email a question and it takes us longer to answer it, which is a waste of time if you already have the information in your hands. See item 4 above. Abuse will overload and break the system.

10. Backup is free to the first owner of the plans but we reserve the right to charge for services requested by subsequent owners..

This page was updated 4 June 2015
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