Black Cat starting 1996 Cape to Rio Race

I am a graduate of University of Cape Town as a quantity surveyor and of Westlawn School of Yacht Design as a yacht architect. I am a member of SNAME and ABYC.

I have been building my own boats all my life and designing boats professionally since 1979. With my background in amateur boatbuilding, I have drawn many designs that are suited to amateur and first time builders.

I have sailed from very young, initially in dinghies, then beach catamarans, sailboards and offshore cruisers and racers. I currently sail a single-handed trapeze skiff.

Most of my sailing miles have been in the notorious sailing waters of the Cape of Good Hope, where much of the ocean sailing happens in strong winds and big seas. I have sailed across the South Atlantic 4 times, all in boats of my own design.

Our designs have won several awards in design competitions and at boat shows.

We have boats being built by amateur and professional boatbuilders in 88 countries across the world, in all conventional boatbuilding materials.

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