Winter Projects

Winter coming?

Time for winter projects? The sun has gone back to the other side of the equator, days are shorter. The balmy weather of fall has gone and you may be looking for indoor activities. Maybe Dad is looking for a project to promote quality time with the kids. Kids may be looking for a fun project to tackle with some help from Dad.

Here are ways to break the cabin fever.




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Why not consider a canoe or small dinghy? Built from readily available materials by very simple methods, these little boats are within the abilities of almost anyone. Hundreds have been built as first time boat projects from plans published in newspapers and magazines. Use it as a confidence builder to lead up to a bigger project.

Multi-purpose . Build one for fun with the whole family when warmer weather returns. If you have a large boat, build a small dinghy as a yacht tender. They can all be rowed, sailed or motored. Ideal for teaching the kids the basics of boating of whatever kind takes your fancy.

Plan packages include panel cutting diagrams, details, material list and building instructions. The exception is the Challenger 13, which is a more advanced project and should not be tackled as a first time build.

If you get stuck while building, take a look at our FAQ pages, where your question may have been covered. If not, email us for advice. Our plans are clearly detailed and most builders never have a need to ask questions.

Click on the design names below to see more information. Order by clicking on the "Buy" links on our pricelist to pay by credit card or PayPal. You can order by mail with the fax/mail order form and sending with your check.

You can also build most of these designs from a kit of all plywood components, pre-cut with a CNC router. Go to our USA kits to see what we can supply and to place an order.

Dixie Dinghy plywood stitch & glue dinghy

Dixi Dinghy

8ft Plywood stitch & glue 3:1 dinghy

Great "own boat" for kids.

Sails 1 adult or 2 kids, rows 3 adults

Length 2.44m [8'0"]

Beam 1.28m [4'2"]

Draft - board up 0.12m [5"] - down 0.54m [1'9"]

Hull weight 22kg [48lb]

Sail area 4.23sq.m [45.5sq.ft]

Outboard power max 3hp

Argie 10 plywood stitch & glue dinghy

Argie 10

10ft Plywood stitch & glue 3:1 dinghy

Ideal 2-person training boat.

Sails 2 adults or 3 kids, rows 4 adults

Length 3.08m [10'1"]

Beam 1.35m [4'5"]

Draft - board up 0.12m [5"] - down 0.54m [1'10"]

Hull weight 29kg [64lb]

Sail area 5.25sq.m [56.5sq.ft]

Outboard power max 5hp

Challenger 13 Plywood lapstrake dinghy
Cover courtesy of SA Yachting Magazine

Challenger 13

13ft Plywood lapstrake 3:1 dinghy

More challenging construction

Ideal 2-3 person training boat.

Sails 3 adults or 3 kids, rows 5 adults

Length 4.0m [13'1"]

Beam 1.6m [5'3"]

Draft - board up 0.15m [6"] - down 0.8m [2'7"]

Allup weight approx 100kg [220lb]

Sail area 8.79sq.m [95sq.ft]

Outboard power max 8hp

Paper Jet plywood stitch & glue sailing skiff

Paper Jet

14ft Plywood stitch & glue performance skiff

Club or family trainer

Sails 1 adult or 2 teenagers

3 Rigs on 1 hull

Length 4.10m [13' 5"]

Beam 1.63m [5' 4"]

Draft - board up 0.12m [5"] - down 0.8m [2' 7"]

Hull weight 45kg [100lb]

Sail area - Lite 7.3sq.m [79sq.ft]

Sail area - Standard 10.3sq.m [111sq.ft]

Sail area - Turbo 14sq.m [150sq.ft]

Argie 15 plywood stitch & glue dinghy

Argie 15

15ft Plywood stitch & glue 3:1 dinghy

Ideal group training boat.

Sails 3 adults , rows 5 adults

Length 4.70m [15'5"]

Beam 1.80m [5'9"]

Draft - board up 0.16m [6"] - down 0.82m [2'8"]

Hull weight 60kg [132lb]

Sail area 9.8sq.m [105.5sq.ft]

Outboard power max 10hp

Lynnhaven 16 plywood stitch & touring canoe

Lynnhaven 16

16ft Plywood stitch & glue touring canoe

Paddle as a canoe

Row as a small pulling boat

3 Flotation/storage compartments

Length 4.725m [15' 6"]

Beam 0.92m [3' 0"]

Hull weight 20-32kg [45-70lb]
(depends on plywood thickness used)

Plans include full size patterns and
instructions with many photos



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