Windy 900

GRP Cruiser Racer

Windy 900 GRP cruiser racer
Windy 900 with short rig

Coastal or trans-ocean

~ Easily handled small cruiser

~ Performance for racing

~ Accommodation for family holidays

~ Two rig options

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Windy 900 cruiser racer boat plans
Windy 900 unveiled at Istanbul Boat Show 2001

The Windy 900 was commissioned by Marintek of Istanbul, Turkey, for building in their factory on the Asian side of the Bosphorus. More recently, production has been taken over by F & A Yachting.

She is a comfortable small cruiser, intended for a family or two couples. Although small enough to be easily single-handed, she is large enough to handle extensive offshore and trans-ocean passages.

We have drawn two rigs for her. The taller of the two is powerful enough to give good performance for racing and has the facility to fly masthead asymetrical spinnakers, for exciting reaching performance. The short rig uses the same foretriangle with a smaller mainsail. This gives easier handling for family sailing but still offers reasonable performance in stronger conditions. Both rigs have swept spreaders to give a stable configuration, the short rig having one set of spreaders and the tall tig having two sets.

Windy 900 cruiser racer boat plans

Down below she has 4 permanent berths and 2 settee berths in the saloon. The comfortable aft cabin has a vast double berth for a yacht of this size. With L-shape galley, permanent chart table and large heads, she has an interior that offers pleasant life afloat.

Her hull has a very long waterline, to maximise performance and load carrying ability. With clean lines and flat buttocks aft, she will have sparkling performance on all points of sail, particularly offwind. Her bow is fine at waterline for wave penetration and low drag but it is well flared to a broad foredeck for reserve buoyancy to resist burying when pushed hard offwind.

With a modern and efficient bulbed fin keel, her stability is excellent, giving positive righting moment to 145 degrees. Her shaft mounted rudder is also an efficient high aspect foil and can be wheel steered if preferred to the standard tiller.

Windy 900 cruiser racer boat plans
Windy 900 with tall rig

Windy 900 cruiser racer boat plans
Windy 900 with short rig

On deck, she has a cockpit long enough for sleeping. It is open aft for fast draining and to give walk-through access to the swim platform. If fitted with wheel steering, a folding helm seat will be fitted across the opening.

Under the cockpit is a large lazarette to port, accessed via a hatch in the seat. The mainsheet traveller spans the cockpit and is sunk flush into the seat tops to permit sleeping in comfort.

The Windy 900 is a comfortable and efficient small cruiser, well suited to family coastal passages or bareboat chartering. For the more serious sailor, she can take you round the cans or around the world.

For a smaller yacht in a similar concept, see the Windy 580, also from F & A Yachting.

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Windy 900 GRP boat plans
Looking forward from companionway


LOA 8.90m (29'2")

LWL 8.35m (27'5")

Beam 3.12m (10'3")

Draft 1.70m (5'7")

Displ 3000kg (6612lb)

Ballast 950kg (2094lb)

Area Waterplane 12.91sq.m (139sq.ft)

Immersion Rate 132kg/cm (739lb/in)

Fineness Coef 0.67

Block Coef 0.39

Prismatic Coef 0.57

Wetted Surface 18.9sq.m (203sq.ft)

Sail Area short rig
(Main + Fore-triangle) 31.2sq.m (336sq.ft)

Sail Area tall rig
(Main + Fore-triangle)
35.6sq.m (383sq.ft)

Sail Area/Wetted Surface
1.65 (short rig)
1.88 (tall rig)

Displ/Length 144

Sail Area/Displ
15.2 (short rig)
17.3 (tall rig)

Righting Moment @ 30 deg 1701kgm (12303ft.lb)

Righting Moment @ 60 deg 2404kgm (17388ft.lb)

Righting Moment @ 90 deg 1481kgm (10712ft.lb)

Headroom aft - 1.94m (6'4")

Headroom at mast - 1.8m (5'11")



Please note that our plan prices include for adding imperial measurements to our metric designs if needed by the buyer.


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