Vickers 45 Cruising cutters
GRP, Cold moulded Wood or Radius Chine Steel

"Tantalus" Vickers 45 AC radius chine steel boat plans
"Tantalus", steel Vickers 45 AC

Powerful and modern pilothouse cruising cutters

~ Sleek pilothouse & aft cockpit or poop deck with pilothouse and centre cockpit

~ Round bilge composite or radius chine steel

~ All the features achievable with modern styling

~ Room for all the comforts of home (if you want them, that is)

~ Space enough to charter

~ Production boats available from Randle Yachts

Cutting files for steel and aluminium available for AC version. See our kits page.

~ Cold moulded wood construction for AC version

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Vickers 45AC
GRP Vickers 45 AC

Vickers 45 AC radius chine steel
Steel Vickers 45 AC
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Vickers 45
GRP Vickers 45

Vickers 45
Steel Vickers 45

Aft cabin

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Starboard forecabin

Forward heads

Navigation station


Saloon port side

Saloon starboard side

Timber Vickers 45AC project
Wood build photos

She was commissioned in GRP as a performance motor sailer. The result was a thoroughly modern version of a traditional poop deck cruiser concept, with excellent sailing performance. The hull was later used to develop a more contemporary aft cockpit performance cruiser, the VICKERS 45 AC. These were both further developed for construction in steel with a radiused chine hull shape.

The hull is very modern and features a long waterline for load carrying ability and performance potential. The waterlines forward are fine for good wave penetration and the stern is broad and powerful with drawn out sections for speed and good control downwind. The GRP versions have alternatives of 1.5m wing or 1.9m fin keels and the steel versions have a 1,7m fin keel.

Rudder options for steel are either with full skeg or semi-balanced with partial skeg. The GRP version has a semi-balanced rudder with partial skeg.

Vickers 45 sail plans

Steel construction is fully framed with longitudinal stringers and transverse frames, using radius chine techniques. Scantlings are to the ABS Guide to Building and Classing Offshore Racing Yachts, giving robust construction and a boat suited to going wherever the owner wants. Most bulkheads are placed at frames for convenient bolting. Fuel tanks are integral inside the keel and water tanks are separate, in the hull.

GRP construction is Airex cored sandwich. Cold moulded wood construction has strip cedar as the base layer, covered with 3 layers of veneer and plywood for deck and superstructure. GRP and wood construction have non-integral tanks.

Layouts for both versions are of pilothouse configuration, with owner's cabins aft. The VICKERS 45 has a raised saloon, kept within the cabin sides to give a view while sitting at the dinette. The main engine is entirely below the cabin sole. Other alternatives for the interior have also been drawn, including a workbench to replace the settee ahead of the inside steering or a second forward head to make three en-suite double cabins.

Vickers 45 accommodation

The AC version has the saloon at a lower level, extending under the side decks, with the engine under the settee. Headroom in the aft cabin is achieved by means of a wide bridgedeck in front of the aft cockpit. The forecabins can be built with doubles both sides, upper and lower berths both sides or a combination of the two. The inside steering position in this version is intended for use with an electronic control panel for the autopilot, situated at the nav table.

Vickers 45AC accommodation

On deck, both versions have wide side decks and bulwarks for safety. Access to the boarding and swimming platform is through a gate in the stern pulpit. The AC version has a T-shaped cockpit with shaped helmsman's seat and an optional arch for radar dome and electronic antennae.

The rigs are marconi cutter, to give good all round performance in the widest range of conditions. They are proportioned for good performance for both versions. That of the AC is a triple spreader rig 2m taller than the double spreader rig of the other version.

3D of Vickers 45

3D of Vickers 45AC

The VICKERS 45 is a motor-sailer designed to be sailed. Her efficient rig and underbody combine to make it unnecessary to start the motor in anything but the lightest of airs. The AC offers better performance and very different looks in the same basic design.

Follow these links to a metal material list or wood material list for the structure of this design, stability graph and a list of drawings.

For similar concepts to the Vickers 45 AC in larger sizes, see the Dix 57 and Dix 65.
Sandy Wakeman - New owner of steel VICKERS 45 AC "Tantalus", now named "Sweetwater", had this to say about her.
"As a professional delivery captain and charter skipper I've had the opportunity to sail over 40,000 miles on many beautiful yachts both large and small. I've crossed oceans in a variety of boats and have been most impressed with the sea-kindly motion, quiet ride and sense of security provided by metal boats. The Vickers 45 so encompasses everything that we were looking for in a long distance cruising boat for our family. Her sailing performance, beautiful lines, thoughtful & functional layout and the myriad of well thought out design & safety features have all added up to provide us with a boat that we are absolutely thrilled with."


LOA - 13.85m [45'5"] LWL 12.30m [40'4"] Beam 4.20m [13'9"] Draft 1.50m to 1.90m [4'11" to 6'3"]
Steel 15400kg [33942lb]
GRP/Wood 13500kg [29754lb]
Steel 4000kg [8816lb]
GRP/Wood 5250kg [11571lb]
Area Waterplane 31.80sq.m [342sq.ft] Immersion Rate 326kg/cm [1825lb/in]
Wetted Surface - varies with keel choice
approx 49.50sq.m [533sq.ft]
Fineness Coef
Steel 0.67
GRP/Wood 0.68
Block Coef
Steel 0.40
GRP/Wood 0.41
Prismatic Coef
Steel 0.57
GRP/Wood 0.58
Steel 231
GRP/Wood 202
Sail Area (Main + Fore-triangle)
Standard rig 88.1sq.m [948sq.ft]
AC rig - 100sq.m [1076sq.ft]
Powering 60-80hp diesel

Please note that our plan prices include for adding imperial measurements to our metric designs if needed by the buyer.


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