Vision Single Rowing Shells
Designed by us, built by Slade Rowing

Slade lightweight single racing scull

Hi-Tech + high performance

~ Ultra modern concept

~ Baked carbon/epoxy construction

~ Strong & stiff

~ Fast & stable

~ Built and sold by Slade Rowing

(not available as plans)

Ryan Anderson won the 2004 South African Junior
Rowing Champs in a Vision Lightweight Single.
Congratulations to Ryan for his achievement.

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The Vision rowing shells are revolutionary in many respects, in the field of racing shell design and construction. It is a series of rowing shells that started with a lightweight single scull, followed by a heavyweight single. It is planned that the range will expand with time to include a full range of racing shells.

Most rowing shells in current production follow similar form to what has traditionally been used for these craft for decades. These traditional shapes were dictated by the limitations on hull shape imposed by wooden construction and have not been updated much with the change to modern hull materials. The Vision rowing shells have been shaped to suit the requirements of performance, taking full advantage of the limitless shaping possibilities offered by composite construction. They are a bold step away from conservative traditionalism, which has been justified by improved performance reported by all who have rowed them.

The hull is of a high prismatic form, with maximum waterline length. It has been shaped to maintain this long waterline and minimise variations in fore/aft trim thoughout the rowing cycle, contrary to the behaviour of most other designs against which it will compete. The result is more constant drag characteristics and smoother motion through the water.

The construction and styling also take big steps in a new direction. The laminate is baked carbon/epoxy/honeycomb throughout hull and deck, for minimum weight and optimum weight distribution. The integrated sax boards form part of both hull and deck mouldings. These are blended into the deck to give maximum strength through this normally weak area and also give the boat a sleek and very stylish appearance. From this comes an ultra-stiff boat that transmits the power of the oarsman very efficiently and maintains the designed-in hull characteristics that would otherwise be lost through hull deflection.

Slade lightweight single racing scull
Fair lines and beautiful finish on a Vision Single Scull

The overall image is thoroughly modern, with very fine plumb bow and small transom stern. These fair into a shape that is optimised for low drag in the speed range at which it will operate in racing conditions. It is also a very stable shape, which makes it a very easy boat to row.

Our aim with this design was to draw a fast shape, give it the stiffness and flotation characteristics to ensure that it would hold that fast shape in use and give it aesthetic appeal not seen before in this field. Combine this with the top quality construction and equipment provided by Slade Rowing, and you have a world class boat that shows the way for others to follow.

Slade lightweight single racing scull
Cockpit with aluminum tube rigger

In November 2002 Slade Rowing introduced a carbon wing rigger option for their sculls. These are also built to our design, to superb quality standards. The prototype has proven to be extremely stiff, giving maximum transfer of energy from the oarsman into the blades, while also saving weight and generating less drag through the air.

Slade lightweight single racing scull
Cockpit with carbon wing rigger

In March 2004, Ryan Anderson won the South African Junior Rowing Championships in the Boys Open Singles division, rowing a Vision Lightweight Single. He took delivery of his new boat 1 month earlier. In the build-up to the championship regatta he also rowed the Buffalo Regatta in East London. In the two events he won 6 of the 7 races in which he competed. The 7th race was Silver Sculls, in which he was the first schoolboy ever to race the event in its 100 year history, yet he achieved a convincing 3rd place finish.

Congratulations Ryan, you are going fast and you will go far.

Slade lightweight single racing scull
SA Junior Champion Ryan Anderson and his
Vision Lightweight Single with carbon wing rigger


Lightweight Single

LOA 7.725m (25'4")

LWL 7.72m (25'4")

Hull beam 0.28m (11")

Weight range 60-80kg (130-175lb)

Heavyweight Single

LOA 8.025m (26'4")

LWL 8.02m (26'4")

Hull beam 0.30m (12")

Weight range 80-100kg (175-220lb)

Plans are not available for this design. Boats can be bought from Slade Rowing or their agents


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