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Cruising Keels for DH550

We have added a cruising keel alternative to daggerboards for the DH550. The cruising keels offer simpler sailing with slightly reduced performance. (Sep 2011)

Didi Cruise-Mini Mk3

I did not think there would be much interest in a cruising version of the Didi Mini Mk3. After a few people asked when it would be available, I realised how wrong I was. The Didi Cruise-Mini Mk3, is similar in concept to the older Didi Cruise-Mini but has the new hull shape of the Didi Mini Mk3 and a square top mainsail. (Jul 2011)

Bilge keel Dix 57

We now have a bilge keel version of the Dix 57. This version will allow her to stand upright on mud berths or be beached for anti-fouling or cleaning. (Jul 2011)

Bilge keel Cape Henry 21

We now have a bilge keel version of the Cape Henry 21. This version is ideal for sailing in areas that have mud berths and for cruising in shallow tidal areas. It has a shallow skeg and deeper rudder, allowing it to be stable on the keels and skeg. (Jul 2011)

New Australian agent

We have changed our agent in Australia. In future South Pacific Boat Company in Mudgeeraba, Queensland, will sell plans for our full range of designs. They will also sell kits for many of our designs, which can be seen on their website.

The Argie 10, Argie 15, Paper Jet and Cape Henry 21 kits will stay with Cape Boatworks but plans can be bought from our new agent. (June 2010)

Didi 28 Maxi Trailer-Sailer

We have added a new radius chine plywood design to our range. Named the Didi 28, it is an expanded version of the Didi 26 but with more space and comfort. The Didi 28 has more cruising emphasis in its character than the very sporty Didi 26. (May 2010)

Agent in India

We now have an agent on the Asian contintent, in India. Pelican Yachts, in Mumbai, have undertaken to be agents to sell our plans and to cut kits for our plywood designs. They can be contacted via an email link on our Contacts page. We will add a link to their new website when it is ready to receive visitors. (Apr 2010)

Didi Mini Mk3

We have introduced a new Didi Mini, named the Didi Mini Mk3. It has a very different hull shape and various other changes, to bring this design into the next generation. The Didi Mini Mk2 will still be available, for those who prefer the older design. (Feb 2010)



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