Liberté 65
Traditional steel schooner

Liberté 65 steel schooner
Liberté doing charter out of Annapolis

A large schooner able to earn her keep

~ Marconi or gaff schooner options

~ Multiple layout options

~ Excursion version USCG certified for Subchapter T 49 passenger capacity

~ Chine hull form with radiused upper chine for round bilge appearance

~ Flush deck for large open passenger area

~ Scaled down version of Hout Bay 70

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The Liberté 65 is a development of our Hout Bay 70 design. She was drawn for Capt. Chris and Jane Tietje of Annapolis, USA, by Andrew Dize of Diverse Designs, Inc. The Hout Bay 70 was "shrunk" to fit within the USCG Subchapter T rules for vessels under 65 feet in length for passenger excursion service.

"Liberté" runs excursions out of Annapolis as well as longer charters both on Chesapeake Bay and the open waters of the Atlantic Ocean offshore of the USA East Coast.

Liberté 65 steel boat plans

Liberté 65 steel boat plans

She was developed with a traditional appearance to attract people to an adventurous first sailing experience. Her deck design provides large open areas for passengers as well as the ability to host dinner parties for specialty cruises.

She can be rigged with two or three masts in either a traditional gaff schooner or more modern marconi configuration. Rig materials and hardware options are available to suit an owner's specific requirements.

The excursion version of the design is provided with an aft owner's cabin, a great room with a large galley for entertaining passengers and two double staterooms for overnight accommodations. Crew quarters are located forward and provided with a separate entrance from the weather. An alternative interior arrangement, shown here, can incorporate two additional double staterooms for increased overnight passenger accommodations.

Liberté 65 steel boat plans

Below the water she has a modern underbody and long fin keel for good sailing performance. Her rudder is mounted well aft on a substantial skeg for maneuverability in tight harbors, the skeg also giving excellent protection to her propeller. Her shallow draft allows her to anchor near to shore, for maximum access to cruising or charter areas. The combination of the large beam and lead ballast make her very seaworthy and a comfortable boat on all points of sail.

Auxiliary power of up to a 150-hp diesel can be accommodated as well as a generator for electrical power, or a bow thruster to assist with anchoring and docking.

Liberté 65 steel boat plans

The hull shape is of multi-chine steel for ease and speed of construction but with the topside chine radiused in section so that she has the appearance of a round bilge boat when on the water.

The hull structure is designed in accordance with the American Bureau of Shipping (ABS) rules for Offshore Racing Yachts and uses longitudinal stringers over widely spaced transverse frames. Framing and plating are oversized for ruggedness and long life, and watertight bulkheads prevent flooding in the unlikely event of shell plating damage. This feature, typically found on much larger yachts and ocean-going ships, provides a significant level of safety for the design. Ballast is all lead and is placed at the bottom of the keel with tankage above.

Liberté 65 steel boat plans

The Liberté 65 provides the timeless appeal of a traditional yacht combined with the space benefits of a modern interior and the handling improvements of a modern underbody. She is easily handled under sail or power. Her moderate draft allows her into most cruising areas and her strong construction will take her passengers safely wherever they may want to go.

All round, hers is a design well suited to charter work in a wide range of situations.

Liberté 65 steel boat plans

Liberté 65 steel boat plans
Liberté in build at Howdy Bailey Yachts


LOA 22.78m (74'9")

LOD 19.76m (64'10")

LWL 16.08m (52'9")

Beam 5.56m (18'3")

Draft (full load) 2.0m (6'8")

Displacement (lightship) 39370kg (89600lb)

Displacement (full load) 46260kg (105280lb)

Ballast 11818kg (26000lb)

Block Coef. 0.43

Prismatic coef. 0.55

Fineness coef. 0.70

Waterplane area 59sq.m (635sq.ft)

Immersion Rate 609kg/cm (3404lb/in)

Displ/length 285

Sail area - 3 mast marconi
209sq.m (2247 sq.ft)

Sail area - 2 mast gaff
163sq.m (1750sq.ft)

Righting moment 30 deg 28598kgm (206851ft.lb)

Righting moment 60deg 31158kgm (225366ft lb)

Righting moment 90deg 17349kgm (125485ft.lb)

Powering 150hp

This design is drawn to imperial scales and dimensioned with imperial measurements.


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