Inlet Runner 18

Inlet Runner 14 powerboat plans

Garvey Powerboat

~ Stitch-&-glue plywood

~ Owner-build

~ Inshore fishing boat

~ Diveboat

~ Flat deck or centre console

~ Build from plans or plans & patterns

~ Or build from a CNC plywood kit

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The photos on this page are of the smaller sister Inlet Runner 16 and will be replaced when we have photos of boats to the new design.




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The Inlet runner 18 is big sister developed from the Inlet Runner 16, which I designed a few years earlier. It is suitable for mulitple uses on relatively protected waters like rivers, lakes, lagoons and bays, from inshore fishing to scube diving. The garvey hull form produces a boat that can get onto the plane quickly even with a big load aboard.

Designed primarily for construction by amateurs, it is plywood using stitch-&-glue methods. Thicknesses are 9mm for the hull and 6mm for the decks. The transom is multiple layers of 9mm plywood bonded together. Internal structure is 9mm bulkheads that have tabs at the edges, to lock accurately into slots in both the hull and deck panels. The wetdeck and foredeck are supported by stringers that are slotted through the bulkheads. The outside of the hull and tops of the decks are sheathed with a layer of fibreglass to add strength and durability. The hull bottom has runners to protect the bottom when beaching, which also serve as planing strakes and external stringers.
Inlet Runner 16 powerboat plans
We have two versions, the standard version having a basic flat deck that can be fitted with fixed or pivoting seats for fishing. The second version has a centre console with helm seat and another seat in front of the console. Under that seat is a storage compartment that can be insulated to form an icebox.

Both versions have space for a built-in 12 gallon low profile polypropylene fuel tank under the cockpit, covered by a sealed flush access panel. The flat deck version has the battery under the cockpit with an access hatch over it and the centre console version has the battery in the helm console.

The raised foredeck houses a large dry storage area for anchor, ropes, fenders etc. In the aft corners of the cockpit are two seats that can be fitted out as live bait well, fish box or dry storage, to suit the owner.
Inlet Runner 14 powerboat plans
Inlet Runner 14 powerboat plans
Inlet Runner 14 powerboat plans

Inlet Runner 14 Centre Console version
We offer plans for the Inlet Runner 18 in various formats, to allow builders to choose the information to suit their needs and budget.

1. Build from plans and offsets. You will draw the panels from diagrams and dimensions on the drawings. Choose from flat deck or centre console versions. These are the stock plans on our pricelist.

2. Add optional full-size paper patterns. This adds full-size patterns of all plywood components, plotted onto 914mm (36") wide paper roll media. This short-cuts the process of drawing the plywood parts but paper patterns deteriorate fairly quickly with changing atmospheric conditions, so they cannot be stored for later use.

3. OR add optional full-size Mylar patterns. This is the same information as option 2 but it is printed onto stable Mylar media, which can be stored indefinitely without deterioration.

We also have accurate CNC plywood kits available, shipped to your door. The long panels are assembled with jigsaw joints for quick and simple construction by amateurs.

The plans include illustrated building instructions to guide you through the process of hull and deck construction. Our normal backup service comes at no charge to the buyer of the plans. The plans are drawn in the metric system and dimensioned with both millimetres and inches, so can be built in either the metric or imperial measurement system.

Drawing list

Material list

Inlet Runner 16 powerboat plans
Inlet Runner 16 powerboat plans
Inlet Runner 16 powerboat plans


LOA - 5.46m [17' 11"]

Beam - 2.05m [6' 9"]

Hull draft - 0.21m [8"]

Hull/deck weight
Approx 275kg [600lb]

Displ to DWL - 890kg [1960lb]

Max power flat deck - 55kW [75hp]
Centre console - 120kW [160hp]


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