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Didi 38 cruising version Didi 38 Cruising Version

We have received many enquiries about a more cruising oriented version of the Didi 38 than the racing image of our "Black Cat". In response we now offer a more conservative masthead rigged version. It uses the same fore-triangle as the fractional rig so headsails, spinnakers and deck layout are identical. The difference comes in reduced mainsail size and rig weight, as well as lower centre of effort.

Along with the smaller rig, there is also a shallower keel. Draft is reduced from 2.25m (7'4") to 1.8m (5'11") to give access to more harbours. It is of the same weight but has a larger bulb to keep the CG low for safety for trans-ocean use.

Some of the Didi 38s are being built with 18mm (3/4") hull skin instead of the standard 12mm (1/2"). This further increases the strength and stiffness of an already strong concept, producing a great fast cruiser.


Didi 38 Cruising Version

Inboard profile with shallow keel and rudder

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