33ft GRP cruiser racer

A modern concept, GRP cruiser/racer

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This design is suitable for one-off construction by professional or skilled amateur builders.

Commissioned as a cruiser/racer, she is modern in image, with a plumb bow, long waterline and flattish sheer. These features, combined with a shallow, undistorted underbody, produce a hull with excellent top end performance potential.

Hull sections are U-shaped forward with some of the curvature continuing well above waterline to generate lift when pushed hard off the wind, produce a drier boat to windward and reduce bow-down trim when heeled. The stern sections are powerful for heavy air off-wind speed but slightly Veed to reduce wetted surface for light conditions.

33ft GRP Cruiser racer

Construction is GRP with a foam core to the hull and balsa to the deck. Solid GRP is used full length down the hull centreline for protection and there is an option of a layer of Kevlar in the outer skin of the bow area as added protection against impact damage.

The keel is bolted to a short stub which has been shaped to spread the ballast loads into the hull structure with a minimum of stress concentration while also giving a wide bolting surface. It also gives a shallow sump to assist in removal of bilge water. The keel is in two castings, the upper one being an iron foil and the lower one a lead bulb. This gives strength and rigidity in the foil to carry the loads imposed by the bulb and a low total keel CG. The rudder is a balanced spade with tiller steering and the option of a wheel.

The rig is fractional sloop with a double spreader keel stepped mast. Swept spreaders have been used to eliminate runners and give an easily handled rig, although with some loss of mainsail shape control. The mainsheet track is mounted on a bridge just forward of the companionway and the sheet is led to the base of the mast then aft to the cabintop winches. Traveller controls and halliards are led to the same winches, all through two banks of sheet stoppers.

33ft GRP Cruiser racer

Accommodation is spacious due to the high volume hull and is very comfortable. The small pilotberth is intended as a childs berth rather than for foredeck gorillas and may be replaced by lockers if preferred. The galley is U-shaped to allow the cook to brace safely at sea while still being free to jump away from oil spills or other dangers. The engine is under the sinks, for optimum weight distribution and the best engine access possible. It has a large icebox, room for two burner stove with grill and oven, large work surfaces and ample locker space.

The heads compartment includes shower and wet locker. This position is well suited to a family orientated boat because it is more accessible for the ladies on board in a seaway and is less likely to aggravate seasickness.

On deck she has a moderate cabintop to provide the 1,85m headroom below while still having a low hull profile. This feature improves safety on deck, when compared with a low profile cabin or flush deck, by providing grabrails at a better height and more substance to brace against on a heaving deck. It also increases the range of positive stability.

The foredeck has an anchor well and moulded toerail on centreline to improve footing for foredeck work. The cockpit is T-shaped and drains through the transom. The seats have high backrests which are shaped to also be comfortable when sitting out on the sidedeck when she is heeled. The stern is a sugar scoop with swim platform, giving a great place to relax both at anchor and when sailing in sheltered waters.

33ft GRP Cruiser racer

This design will provide a good boat for the owner who likes his round the buoys and passage races but also needs the comfort of a family cruising boat. When in cruising mode, she will give passage times better than most other boats of her size.

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LOA -10.10m (33'2")

LWL 9.60m (31'6")

Beam 3.40m (11'2")

Draft 2.00m (6'7")

Displ 3800kg (8375lb)

Ballast 1500kg (3306lb)

Area Waterplane 16.6sq.m (179sq.ft)

Immersion Rate 170kg/cm (952lb/inch)

Fineness Coef 0.66

Block Coef 0.40

Prismatic Coef 0.54

Wetted Surface 24.1sq.m (259sq.ft)

Sail Area (Main + Fore-triangle) 50.9sq.m (548sq.ft)

Sail Area/wetted surface 2.11

Sail Area/displ 21.1

Displacement/length 120

Righting moment @ 30 deg 2739kgm (19811ft.lb)

Righting moment @ 60deg 3651kgm (26408ft.lb)

Righting moment @ 90deg 2873kgm (20780ftlb)

Please note that our plan prices include for adding imperial measurements to our metric designs if needed by the buyer.


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