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Worried about long distance dealings?

What payment options do you have?

We are a member of the Netcheck Commerce Bureau, an international service which is free to the consumer and provides a watchdog service over the internet community for the mutual benefit of consumers and merchants.

Please email any questions or concerns to Dudley Dix, who will reply personally.

We have boats being built in 90 countries, in all corners of the world. We have been selling our designs since 1980 and on-line since 1996.

With modern communications we are as close as the guy in the next city. We respond to email daily so you will receive a fast response unless we are away from the office.

Orders are normally mailed within 2-3 business days and by airmail to countries outside of North America. For faster and safer service we can send by courier. Please read Frequently Asked Questions for important notes re mail services and prices.

Our testimonial page has comments from others who have taken the step which you are considering.

You must feel secure in your method of payment. Credit cards are the main means of payment, however, we do not want to force you to use this method if you are not happy with the safety of your details. You are able to pay by whatever means is acceptable to you. Choose from one of the methods shown on the right.

For all of these methods of payment our standard Terms of Sale apply.You will find these further down this page, as well as our contact details.

For all payment methods, please click on the "Buy" buttons on the pricelist, which loads your order into the shopping cart. During the checkout process you will choose the method of payment.

1) ON-LINE CREDIT CARD. After entering contact and address info you will go into a secure page to enter credit card details, which we will retrieve via secure connection. This is not an automated process. We will process the payment via secure connection with our bookkeeping program.

2) TELEPHONE CREDIT CARD. After entering contact and address info, your order will be emailed to us. You must telephone your credit card details to us so that we can process the payment. See bottom of this page for contact info.

3) WESTERN UNION. After entering contact and address info, your order will be emailed to us. Take your order printout to Western Union to arrange payment then email the payment reference to us at the address below. Please make payment to Dudley Dix Yacht Design, with the address and contact info shown at the bottom of this page.

4) PAYPAL. After entering your contact and address info, you will go into the PayPal log-in page. Make the payment to the account of the email address shown above.

Our terms of sale

Our Contact Details

1. Design rights are retained by Dudley Dix. You buy the right to use the information on the drawings.

2. Plans are sold for the construction of one boat only, unless otherwise authorised in writing by Dudley Dix.

3. A royalty equal to the plans purchase price is payable on each additional boat before construction of such additional boat starts. On receipt of each royalty payment Dudley Dix shall supply a full set of plans for the boat.

4. Plans shall not be sold to a third party unless so authorised in writing by Dudley Dix.

5. Liability of Dudley Dix Yacht Design is limited to the price paid for the plans.

6. Payments from outside USA are to be in US$.

7. Due to the nature of the information that we supply, purchases are non-refundable.

8. Prices do not include for liaison with certification or other authorities, nor preparation of any documentation required by authorities in the country where the boat is built. If this service is required, email us to discuss requirements and costs.

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