Steel and aluminium boat plans
A small selection of my metal designs. My metal cruiser designs have a reputation for being surprisingly
fast and handling well, along with being robust enough to sail away from rocky groundings and collisions
with ice, proven by the many boats to my designs that have survived bad navigation or extreme weather.

I have been designing metal boats since 1980, when a friend commissioned the Pratique 35 to build as a world cruiser. Later he became a professional boatbuilder and commissioned many designs from the Hout Bay 30 to the Hout Bay 50.

I have drawn boats for a wide range of purposes, from dinghies to power cruisers and excursion schooners to sailing cruisers to journey anywhere in the world. Various boats to my metal designs have cruised the Arctic and Antarctic.

My designs cover a range of construction methods,including hard chine, multi-chine, radius chine, round bilge and combinations of these methods. Most were drawn to be suitable for amateur builders, proven by the many amateurs who have built our boats all round the world.

CNC cutting files are available from 3rd party vendors for some of these designs.

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